Friday, December 30, 2005

New RSS Case Studies Blog Now Live

My new RSS Cases (case studies) blog has been live for about 2 months now, but it's officially live for about a week. The blog covers reviews of hardware and software related to content syndication, as well as case studies targeted at content marketers/ publishers and feed developers, as well studies of RSS Metrics (traffic analysis). As I've previously mentioned, the blog is a combination of my three older RSS blogs. Comments are enabled over there, so please feel free to comment.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

New RSS Multi-Blog About To Go Live

Just a heads up. My new RSS multi-blog that combines RSS Developer (this blog), RSS Marketer, and Net Metrics is about to go live soon. Head on over to RSS Diary to watch for an announcement. (I'll post a link here, too, but if you are interested in RSS, you should go over there.)

Please note that the more technical aspects (i.e, actual web programming) of the above three blogs will be handled over at my WebGuru multi-blog, which is still being set up. Watch geekSchool/Math Gurus Online for information.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back From Vacation

Hello everyone. I'm back from vacation. (Hey, I still worked 16-20 hours a day on my blogs and websites, so it wasn't really a vacation). I apologize for the batch posting of this message to all of my blogs, but I'm still madly reorganizing my blogs and this is the fastest way for me to communicate with readers... (The most current links to most of my blogs and website projects can always be found at my main website,

This is a somewhat lengthy post, but if you read any of my blogs with any frequency, my recommendation is that you read it. Otherwise, just visit keep visiting the blog(s) you're interested in :D.

I have several new websites, including a social awareness site, that I launched during the last two weeks. Some of them are still being tweaked (design and architecture). I'm also in the processing of moving some blogs, amalgamating other blogs, and creating a few new ones. I have nearly 200 blog posts sketched out across all of my blogs, but not all of these posts are in publishable format. So I do have tons of content planned, including some free ebooks, tutorials, and more. I'm just one person doing all of this, so please bear with me while I'm reorganizing.

By the way, I do try to check what people are searching for and then try to write a post relating to such topics (if I don't already have some such posts). I don't consider myself a blog network per se. I'll be straight out honest and say that I want to provide free information about several topics (food, technology, entertainment, and more), and then hope that (legitimate) ad revenue supports my writing and blogging habit. I'm a former print magazine publisher and editor, so blogs are my transition into the digital realm. My experience as a former search engine webmaster and as a programmer rounds my skills out. So blogging and websites are my ideal way to spend the day. So I'm making it my business to write about what you are looking for information on, provided it falls within my areas of interest or expertise. That said, there are a few blogs on my books that I'll be collaborating on with others, including family members, friends, and acquaintances.

So the scope of the "Chameleon Integration Systems" (CIS) blogs is expanding. I just have to keep it manageable so I can increase quality. The blog page templates I'm using will be changing on many of my blogs as I changing blogging platforms. For those that are curious, I currently use, WordPress and MovableType. I'll be trying out Mambo, bMachine, and others as well. Why all the platforms? Well, I have close to a decade of experience evaluating very high end ($500,000-$2,000,000) CMSes (Content Management Systems) for many large companies. Now I'm focusing on OpenSource solutions, specifically on software that can help bloggers set up both blogs and regular websites, plus online shopping. My "Chameleon Integration" motto is "Making the Internet Easy". So I'll be writing about my findings, for those that are interested.

Finally, just a note about blog posting schedules. I will not be posting on Sundays (I live in North America, time zone -0500., same zone as New York and Toronto). Sundays will be a day that I analyze stats, design new web pages, and sketch out the next week's worth of posts, and basically unwind. While I am aiming at posting daily to most blogs, I am still doing a lot of infrastructure work, so I won't be up to speed right away. I'll be posting some entries later today, but I probably won't be posting to every blog (new and old) until next week or the next. So I'll try to keep "current events" information posted at my main website, I hope you'll visit again, and drop off comments about what you'd like to see information on.


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Thursday, August 11, 2005

RSS vs Atom Formats

If you're a recent convert to RSS Feeds, you may be wondering what the difference is in all the formats: RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom. The simple explanation is that when Dave Winer first developed his scripting news format, he outgrew it. From that format came a sequence of RSS formats, all of which are in XML. The RSS 1.0 version is in the RDF (Resource Description Framework) dialect of XML and is not a successor to RSS 0.92. RSS 1.0 was developed by another group. RSS 2.0 is the current version, at the time of this writing. It is supposedly the final version of RSS, as the specification is marked as frozen (RSS 2.0 Specification: Roadmap). While RSS 2.0 takes care of some of the shortcomings of earlier versions, there are other features it cannot handle. One format that is being touted as the successor to RSS is Atom. Atom has a specifications committee and is a work-in-progress. While it is not exactly the same as RSS, the general features are functionally the same.

For more information about Atom and the similarities and differences between Atom and RSS 2.0, please see What is Atom? and RSS 2.0 and Atom Compared. (Note: The majority of posts here will focus on RSS 2.0, at least initially.)

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Shameless Self-Promotion Part II: New "RSS Case Studies for Marketers" Book

As I've mentioned in a recent NET METRICS blog post, I've been taking a bit of a time-out from my RSS blogs to work on two "RSS Metrics" e-book, one with Rok Hrastnik of RSS Diary. I also have two "Case Studies" e-books in development. One will be similar to the postings in this blog and will discuss actual coding/programming techniques for building RSS Feeds for specific RSS data scenarios. It is a direct companion volume to a fourth e-book which will approach RSS Case Studies from a less technical point of view (marketing). All four books will be e-published by Rok Hrastnik on the Marketing Studies web site.

(c) Copyright 2005, Raj Kumar Dash,